Combining class leading technology and professional services to form a dynamic and innovative enterprise.


Extended growth ambition to provide our customers with the most up to date technologies to allow them to compete on a global scale.


Providing innovative software and services to the Advanced engineering and manufacturing sectors.


With over 60 years combined experience our new group will be class leading in process management and control, manufacturing operations improvement and professional services.


Using combined experience to provide evolving software solutions to ensure both production efficiency and continued growth.

Our Aim

Kickstart your digital transformation journey.

We work with organisations large and small to identify processes which could benefit from digital technologies and provide the software and expertise required to , continuously drive business performance.

Providing a wide variety of integrated solutions designed and developed by our subsidiaries, Redthorn Systems & Services and Syncronology.

Meet Our Subsidiaries

Together with the teams at our Agile Group Subsidiaries we can help businesses on their digital transformation journey.


Redthorn Systems & Services (known as Redthorn MRP) and Redthorn Systems Consulting support clients to compete as integrated supply chains rather than as individual businesses by embedding best practice processes, systems integration, software technology solutions and culture change leadership to promote collaborative extended enterprises.

Specialising in the development and distribution of market-leading MRP software solutions to unlock genuine business potential through increased margins, improved productivity and cost efficiencies.


Syncronology specialise in software solutions that enables and promotes process excellence and enhanced business performance though innovation, user engagement and smooth implementation. Syncronology have the knowledge and the know-how to make a real difference to the way a business is ran.

Offering software products that intelligently integrate workflow design, process automation and document management in complex and business critical environments to ensure safety, quality, compliance, and agility.


Waypoint Global is a module-based document management suite where you choose only the modules you need within each series to compose your ideal document management solution.

Your documents can be accessed from desktops, a web browser or Sharepoint, so everyone across your organisation has the exact tools and information they need.

Take control of your documents throughout their entire lifecycle and end the document chaos interfering with your productivity, customer satisfaction, conformance and competitive advantages

Digitally Transform Your Processes

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